Consignment Partnership

our A+ retail location and website offer consignors maximum visibility. After approval, selling your merchandise with 3H is transparent, simple and stress-free. We value your merchandise as much as you do, therefore we will go out of our way to get you of the best value for your merchandise.

To become a consignment partner of 3H you will have to go through our selection process. All our consignors are approved based on the next quality points:

  • How do you guarantee reliability?
  • What is your track history as a consignor?
  • How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
  • What collection are you offering?

On our consignor portal you'll be able to use our content library to upload your selection with the right titles, UPC codes, images, and description. Your personalized dashboard offers you a wide range of data to track and improve your sales strategy. Next to the latest e-commerce technology, our website is also equipped with dynamic pricing. So, no more worrying about the fluctuating market prices and manual price adjustments. After we set your desired pricing strategy, everything runs automatically. We use bank transfers for payouts. You can select your preferred option. At the beginning of each month, you're able to switch your payout plan.

Payout options:

  • 7 days after an item is sold
  • 14 days payout cycle
  • 30 days payout cycle

If you have any other questions about our consignment partnership or if you would like to schedule a in-person meeting, fill in the form below. We typically reply within 24 hours.


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